Broke newbie bags $296.88 in 48 hours using this 1 weird trick

I’ve heard so many people
talking about Periscope I
thought it was just noise.

But I’ve tested it myself
and have to say;

Periscope is one of the
easiest ways to make
money online.

Here’s why:-

You just hit “Start Broadcast”
on your phone (once you’ve
got the free Periscope app)
and you are instantly broadcasting
to the 15 million users on

Now of course – you’re won’t
reach all of them with your
broadcast but you will get
a bunch of new prospects
(and potentially customers)
every time you do a broadcast.

The trick is;

You need to know how to attract
these Viewers, the best way
to run your broadcasts to
get people to buy from you
and how to get well-ranked
in the Periscope listings.

This is where my good friend
Michael Cheney comes in…

You see he immersed himself
in Periscope for several weeks
doing daily broadcasts, devouring
all the secret strategies and
even becoming one of Periscope’s
secret BETA testers.

You can spend months trying to
fathom this thing out and get
it cranking out moolah.

Or you can just grab this
easy money-getting shortcut;